5 Tips For Choosing The Right Autoclave For Your Dental Practice

Are you planning to buy an autoclave for your dental practice? Is this your first time buying one? How much do you know about the relative importance of various parameters?

There are hundreds of autoclave models out there but not every model is right for you. You not only need to focus on the brand and model but also the seller when buying an autoclave.

Here’s everything you should know about choosing the ideal autoclave for your dental practice:

1. Sterilisation volume

You would want an autoclave with adequate volume to sterilise all the items that need to be made sterile. It might seem intuitive to buy the biggest available chamber size to sterilise all the instruments at once but that is not the right way to go about it.

Keep in mind that a bigger chamber size also means more energy consumption. Since autoclaves are available in wide-ranging shapes and sizes, it would be better to buy multiple autoclaves with average capacity as compared to one single autoclave with the biggest available capacity. It will not only save a lot of time but will also bring down operational costs.

2. Automated or manual operation

There are both automated and manual configurations available in the market. Manual configuration is obviously cheaper but all the details need to be punched in by the operator to ensure proper sterilisation.

On the other hand, an automated autoclave has memory function which means the settings can be pre-set and the operator only needs to push a button to ensure proper sterilisation.

The choice between these two depends on the training of dental staff and their availability for operating autoclaves.

3. Wrapped and unwrapped instruments

Ideally, you should invest in an autoclave with the capability to sterilise wrapped as well as unwrapped instruments. It will make things easier for the staff at the clinic.

4. Air vacuum or gravity displacement

Air needs to be removed for proper sterilisation in the sterilisation chamber. There are two ways to do that. One of the ways is to use the steam to displace air in the chamber. Autoclaves that use this method are known as gravity displacement.

On the other hand, there are also autoclaves fitted with vacuums where the air is removed by a vacuum pump and only then the steam is pumped in. An air vacuum autoclave works faster as the air removal is active and not passive as is the case with a gravity displacement device.

5. Manufacturer and seller

Make sure you choose a model made by a reliable and reputed manufacturer. On top of that, you should also pay attention to the vendor or seller.

After all, you will depend on them for regular servicing and maintenance. If they are lacking in after sales service, you might have to look elsewhere for regular servicing and repairs.

Final Thoughts

A dental clinic cannot function without a proper autoclave. It is generally recommended to invest in at least two autoclaves even if you need only one. It will allow you to continue to operate your practice even when one of the autoclaves breaks down.

Make sure you do proper research before choosing one. An automated autoclave is a better choice for busy dental practices. Also, an air vacuum autoclave offers faster sterilisation cycles. In addition to the technical specifications, you should also buy it from a reputed vendor that is known for reliable products, excellent customer service and attractive prices.

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