Bath Pillow for Bathtub: What Makes a Good One?

We can all agree that a warm, relaxing bath is a divine way to wrap up a stressful day or week – especially for busy professionals. Especially since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the switch to a work from home lifestyle, burnout is becoming increasingly common. One way that people can offset and prevent burnout is by practicing self care rituals like spending time outside, cooking and baking, or even spending some time unwinding in the bathtub with a book to read or podcast to listen to. The concept of baths are great and some studies have even shown that they have the potential to improve heart health, but for many people they are downright uncomfortable. The unforgiving porcelain that a staggering number of bathtubs are made out of can lead to shorter baths or people avoiding them altogether. A bath pillow can alleviate the aforementioned concerns and help people live their best lives by indulging in frequent baths. Wondering what makes a good bath pillow for bathtub? Here’s a few qualities to look for in a quality bath pillow:

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Includes a storage pocket

When just starting out on the hunt for the perfect bath pillow for bathtub, it may seem as though your options are limited. However, there are many different bath pillows on the market that alleviate a slew of different problems. One problem some people have is that they wish they could have better storage options during bath time. This problem is easily solved with a bath pillow with built-in pockets that can hold anything from extra bath salt to extra snacks. These storage pockets can also be used to hold hand towels that are saturated with a few drops of your favorite essential oil to elevate your bath.

Universally sized to fit most tubs

The last thing you want after making an investment into your self care is realizing that the bath pillow you just purchased is too big for your tub or too small to provide comfort. Do your research when looking for the perfect bath pillow and buy one that is estimated to fit most tubs. Some are made specifically for a certain shape of tub and others will be able to fit a wider variety. Just ensure that you’re purchasing the right size for your tub before finalizing the purchase.

Takes pressure of the neck and back

A common problem for many frequent bathers is the onset of neck and back aches or spasms. This can be alleviated by a bath pillow that is designed to take pressure off the neck, shoulder and back area to provide you with the utmost relaxation during your self care time. Double check that you’re purchasing a soft bath pillow and not one made of ergonomic plastic. These ‘pillows’ may look the same online, but feel absolutely different. There are also bath pillows that are inflatable. While this may provide you short term comfort, bath pillows made of squishy and soft material are best for ultimate relaxation.

Easy to clean

Bathrooms are one of the messiest and dirtiest rooms in your home, even if you’re a neat freak. Be sure to invest in a bath pillow that allows for easy cleaning of the pillow and your bathtub alike. The pillow should have a cover made of machine washable fabric and be sure to follow instructions on how to care for the insert so that you can continue to have hygienic baths for years to come. Also, ensure that the bath pillow you purchase can easily be installed and taken off multiple times with ease. It’s recommended that you invest in a bath pillow that uses suction cups so you can take the pillow on and off with ease as needed for regular cleanings of your tub and shower area.

Common sense design

There are many products on the market that aren’t designed with the user in mind. Do your research and find a bath pillow that looks like it was designed with a careful and thoughtful mind. As mentioned above, a bath pillow with suction cups is preferred as this common sense design makes for an incredibly easy install and removal process.

Made of breathable fabric

If you take frequent baths (daily or weekly) you’ll need to invest in a bath pillow that is made of breathable fabric to promote a fast drying time. Without breathable fabric, you run the risk of allowing mold and mildew to grow inside of your beloved bath pillow which would ruin it.

Able to dry quickly

Be sure to purchase a bath pillow that includes features like a hook or hanger that will promote a quick drying process. This will ensure that your bath pillow will stay good as new for as long as possible and will prevent foul smells from mold and mildew buildup.

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