Do I Need Pet Insurance When Buying a Kitten?

If you’re getting a kitten, you may wonder if you should get pet insurance. After all, kittens are considered new pets and are unlikely to have any preexisting conditions. However, many insurance policies do not cover this – kittens are generally eligible for coverage from eight months old. A kitten’s insurance plan can help you avoid the high cost of unexpected medical bills. It can also cover extra costs, such as prescription foods and alternative therapies.

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When buying pet insurance, be aware that most plans have a waiting period and medical exclusions. These limitations can be as long as 30 days or more. This time period may prevent you from making a claim, but afterward, your coverage is in effect. Make sure to check what conditions your pet is covered for, as some breeds are more susceptible to hereditary illnesses. Also, remember that some insurers have deductibles, which you must pay yourself before your policy pays for expenses.

Pet insurance premiums differ from insurer to insurer. Some policies cover more than others, and some offer lower premiums than others. Some offer monthly payments, while others require full payment at the start of the policy. As with pet insurance, make sure to shop around to find the best policy. Ask for a free quote from multiple insurers, and compare what each offers. There is also a policy for every budget, so it’s worth looking at a variety of options before making a decision.

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