How to add Animate SVG Text to a Video

If you’ve ever worked on video animation, I’m sure you’re likely familiar with the problem of displaying text in a video. I’m sure you’re more likely to create a cool animation if you can have something to interact with.

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Adding an animated SVG text to a video is super easy. You can create a simple example where the animated text has a scrolling effect.

To add an animated background of SVG text with a video background, you’ll want to create a new SVG text animation first.

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So what is SVG text animation?

SVG text animation uses SVG to create a background and animate it with JavaScript. Think of it as similar to an animated GIF image, but using only HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

SVG text animation has all the same qualities as traditional HTML, CSS and JavaScript animations, including timing, loops and transitions. It’s just a little more sophisticated.

This is great for making animations that just “feel” different, like changing the font or changing the text size. For example, animated SVG text can be used to make a subtle change in your video.

Exporting an Animated SVG as MP4 Video

When you need to insert an SVG animation in your video, there are two ways you can do it.

One way is to create a new video and edit the content using JavaScript. It’s a bit more work, but is also a more robust solution.

The other option is to create the SVG text with an SVG animation tool, and then insert the animation in your video. This is much easier to set up and takes less time. You can have the animation ready before you insert the text.

To make an SVG text animation using an online animation tool is simple. You just need to create a new animation.

The software will display the animation you select. The most popular online animation tool is called Illustrator, though you can also use other online SVG animation tools.

All you have to do is create your very own custom text animations and export animated SVG to video in just a few clicks! Go to the Export panel, choose a video format and set the quality, size, speed, and number of iterations.

Now it’s easy to export clean transparent video animations from your SVG files that you can overlay on footage in your more advanced video projects.


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