How to Update Sound Drivers in Windows 10 PC?

Microsoft offers Windows 10 with dramatic audio driver advancements over the previous versions of Windows. Several users complain about distorted sound quality and other problems related to the audio drivers of the computer system. One can experience audio issues while using specific applications. One of the prime factors responsible for troublesome audio or low sound quality is out-of-date audio drivers. Fixing sound quality issues can be addressed by updating the older version with the Realtek high definition audio driver Windows 10 version. Updating PC drivers is known to solve several issues that might be hampering the performance of the computer as a whole.

Checking Speakers, PC Hardware, and Peripherals

The possibility of things going wrong with the PC’s hardware after the Windows 10 upgrade is less likely. But there is nothing wrong with troubleshooting Windows and initiating a careful approach. One must inspect the following:

  • Proper connections concerning the hardware and every peripheral device in the PC.
  • Inspect the speakers and the sound card carefully. Connecting the speakers to an alternative source of sound is a good idea as well.

If the user finds no issue with the hardware and peripheral device connections, updating the audio driver is an effective solution to implement and improve the problems associated with sound distortion and other audio performance issues.

Avoiding Manual Audio Driver Update

Updating the Realtek high definition audio driver Windows 10 has a reputation for offering instant and practical solutions to multiple issues, mainly related to the sound quality and audio of the PC. Users often discover that manual upgrades of PC audio drivers can give rise to more audio production problems and distorted sound quality challenges. This mainly happens because users download the wrong drivers, and the installation process is also incorrect. Thus, a manual upgrade of Windows 10 audio drivers has not been suggested if one is not aware of the step-by-step process.

Step-By-Step Approach for Automatic Sound Driver Update

The steps mentioned below are simple and effective for updating the Realtek high definition audio driver Windows 10.

  • The first step involves right-clicking on the Start Button
  • It is followed by running Device Manager (power user menu)
  • The user needs to scroll through the section that includes controllers from games, videos, and audio/sound
  • To uninstall the older audio device, the user needs to right-click on the default PC sound device
  • Restarting the PC is a must after the completion of the uninstallation process
  • It is recommended to click and open the Device Manager once the PC restarts
  • There is an option to “scan for changes in hardware” that the user needs to click
  • Windows 10 automatically installs the latest or the most updated audio drivers to the PC’s sound device
  • Finally, it is suggested to restart the PC once again, and inspect for changes and improvements in the audio quality

Updating Via Device Manager

Updating high-definition PC networthexposed sound drivers via Device Manager seems to be one of the most effective procedures. In addition, it is also considered the simplest way to update the driver and help the system operate seamlessly. The user simply needs to open the Device Manager and click on the “update driver” option. The user needs to select the automatic option of searching for any new available audio driver software. Windows 10 will do the rest of the work by automatically searching for and installing the latest sound driver.


After a system is upgraded to Windows 10, there is a possibility that the latest sdasrinagar sound driver is not installed on the PC. This will cause problems, mainly related to sound quality or no sound. In such scenarios, the user must update the latest Realtek high definition audio driver Windows 10 version. One can opt for either a manual update or an automatic one. But, it is suggested that, without proper understanding and knowledge, one should avoid updating audio drivers manually. To ensure the system performs optimally, a PC driver update is necessary. There are drivers available for every minute component that helps the PC run smoothly. Similarly, updating audio drivers regularly can mitigate the issues and problems related to sound quality.

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