Is Your Car Accident Claim Strong or Weak?

Being in a car accident can impact your life and change it for good. You may never be able to return to the life you lived before the unfortunate incident, which can be emotionally and mentally disturbing. It is a relief that the law allows the victim to recover damages from the at-fault party for medical bills, lost wages, and other losses. 

If you are considering filing a car accident claim, you should be informed about certain elements that weaken and strengthen your claim. Even if you are sure that your accident was caused by someone else, there might still be weaknesses in your case that can be exploited by the other party. To protect your rights and take the right steps, hire a Salem car accident lawyer today. 

Signs that you have a strong car accident claim 

  • Your negligence did not contribute to the accident. 

During the investigation, if it is found that you had violated a traffic law before the accident, the other party may try to use it to their advantage and show that you were negligent. Doing this will allow them to lower the settlement offer due to shared blame. However, you still have a strong case if your negligence did not contribute to the accident

  • You have obtained a police report. 

When the police officers arrive at the accident site, they conduct an investigation and create a report of the incident. This report is an important piece of documentation koiusa, and a copy can be obtained from the police station later. 

You can give the report’s information to your insurance provider, and they can cross-check with the police officers to check if it is true. If yes, you have a higher chance of settlement.  detectmind 

  • You have documented the accident scene. 

Many car accidents in Salem leave the victim with unbearable injuries. However, if it is physically possible, one should take notes about the accident and accident site as soon as it happens. Documenting the accident site also involves taking photos and talking to witnesses. If you cannot document the site, you could ask your attorney to do so. 

  • You sought immediate medical attention. 

It is important to seek immediate medical attention after a car accident because it helps one understand the extent of their injuries. Your medical records can help you recover the amount you truly deserve. If you do not seek treatment or follow the doctor’s instructions, the insurance company and the other party may think you are not severely injured. 

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