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Light wall work is lightweight wall work. easy installation Make it beautiful and finish the job quickly. but only suitable for interior work If it is used outside, it will not be appropriate. Because even if the covering material is changed to a waterproof material, the joints in every sheet Even though it’s smooth and beautiful at first, will be used after some time. When this wall is exposed to rain and sunlight, the sheet joints will split up. make it a mark for the job

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Light walls are therefore suitable for interiors that do not require much wall strength, such as not hanging floating cabinets. Do not install shelves that are subject to various weights. But light wall work can hang things that are not heavy, but must be planned by reinforcing the inner frame of plywood, such as wanting to hang the TV on the wall. hanging sliding door rail Hang shelves that do not hold a lot of weight, etc.

Light wall work suitable for room dividers in various shops that require speed of work. or other works that are not serious that the wall must be strong, but is an internal work that can be used. Get the job done quickly, beautiful and much cheaper than concrete walls and work faster.

Can the wall work be soundproof? Light wall work does not sound as good as it should be. But if you want a lightweight wall to keep sound well or equivalent to a lightweight brick wall Sound absorbing pads can be inserted. By inserting it into the gap of the wall itself. This type of soundproof lightweight wall is suitable for clinics, spas, meeting rooms, offices, etc.

What can be decorated with light wall work? General light wall work is mostly used to paint or apply wallpaper with various patterns. Including may be decorated with chic shelves that do not support much weight Including installing wooden frames to decorate the walls, built-in beautiful furniture can be done as well.

What are the components of light wall work?

1 U-shape galvanized truss (U) Galvanized truss, also known as galvanized steel frame It is used to accept the C-section (C) frame by attaching this U-frame to the ceiling and wall. including the edge on the door window

2 C-section galvanized steel frame (C) or C-type galvanized steel frame Used for setting to accept gypsum board or smart board. This C frame is the strength of light walls ever. Most of which are installed with a distance of 40-60cm. But the smaller the distance, the stronger it will be.

3 Gypsum board is a sheet used to cover light walls, most of which use a thickness of 9mm. This gypsum board will have both sloping and non-sloping edges. The author recommends using the sloping edge because the two sheets are already joined together. The joint will sink slightly so that the joint can be effectively retained and the wall is not too convex.

4 smart board It is a sheet that is used to cover light walls. We use it in cases where we want to attach things to the wall. Because the gypsum board cannot hold the screws. But the smart board can tighten the screw fixing nut. Therefore, the wall can be decorated with a TV or shelf that does not hold a lot of weight. This makes the light wall work more versatile.

5 Sound-absorbing panels are sound-absorbing panels that are installed within the walls between the C-frames. This soundproofing sheet is sold in many brands with popular sizes: 40x120cm and 60×120, thickness 5-10cm. But most of them use a thickness of 5-7cm. Because it can fit with the thickness of the C frame. Because the C frame is 6.5 cm wide. Most sound-absorbing pads are made from quality felt, depending on the manufacturer of that brand. but have the same features The selection will depend on whether the job requires sound reduction or not.

6 screws There are two types of screws. is a black screw used to attach the gypsum board to the light wall frame. and screws at the end of the drill are used to attach the U-shaped frame to the wall or ceiling. with the length, but will choose from 1/2 inch to 1 inch together

7 Plaster cloth and gypsum powder Used for plastering work to collect sheet joints. By use, the plaster cloth is used to prevent the gypsum from drying and cracking, as well as for the smoothness of the joints. and then plastered with gypsum powder mixed with water Most will put together 2 rounds. The first round will be plastered to keep the joints. As for the second round, the plaster marks will be wider than the first plaster marks. That is to make the joints look smooth and rounded with the sheet itself.

8 Sandpaper Most use wood sandpaper or red sandpaper. Once the putty is dry, sand it off and smooth it out with sandpaper. Smooth it for the next step of painting.

The components and functions of lightweight walls are essentially just this. You can see that the work process is not much, making light wall work a quick job. And the work came out as beautiful as concrete work.

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