rooster web color palette 

 rooster web color palette  developed according to the five elements theory. This is considered an effective basis for cockers and bettors to choose fighting cocks. But what information does this table contain? Let’s study carefully in the article below of the house

Why do you need to see the color of the rooster network?

 rooster web color palette  is the term to refer to the list of main network colors of the rooster according to the five elements theory. Therefore, before studying this list, 789BET will share with you the information why it is necessary to evaluate the network color.

Accordingly, for professional cockers, assessing the color of the feathers (possibly the legs) is a way to determine which onion the chicken belongs to. Based on that, find out the factors of mutuality and incompatibility to have a suitable care and nurturing plan. Even, proceed to choose the optimal match day to increase the advantage.

Even if you are not a breeder, but just a bettor, you also need to rely on the par of the five elements to choose a match with a good match. Because at this time, it can bring out its full potential, even fight better than expected to win, bringing valuable rewards for you.

In general, whether you are a breeder or a bettor, finding and using  rooster web color palette  is also necessary. It also makes it easy for you to succeed with this fun folk game.

Determining destiny through color helps a lot for cockfighting players

The color palette of the rooster network according to the theory of the five elements

To find the lattice palette, you need to study the five elements theory. Let’s check which colors in the five elements correspond to. Then compare with the feathers of the rooster to find the destiny and compatible elements. Specifically:

The color of the rooster’s network of Kim

Kim’s cock will have golden or white iridescent feathers. According to professional cockers, they have a gentle color but exude a pure and luxurious look.

However, rooster web color palette  It also shows that the Kim onion chicken line does not appear too much in combat. Because of their “rich” beauty, they are often raised for ornamental purposes, helping to decorate the home space, especially families built in the style of garden villas. In combat, it only has a few typical representatives such as the white prince, the blue-legged swan, the white swallow, the yellow-footed butterfly, the swallow….

The color of the network of the chicken belongs toWater element

Compared to the Kim element, the cocks belonging to the Water element are more numerous. rooster web color palette  shows that they have pure black, umbrella or mostly dark green plumage.

However, when choosing a chicken belonging to the Water element, in addition to the color of the feather, the breeder or bettor also needs to pay attention to the legs. Priority should be given to those with blue, white, yellow or lead legs to ensure purity. Avoid the fact that the hair and legs belong to different par of the five elements, making it difficult to take care of the par or choose a stone date. In general, the line of chickens belonging to the Thuy element will have the representatives of green, umbrella, green stick, black owl, black banana….

The color of the rooster on Moc

If the dominant color on the feathers is gray, then this is a cock of the Wood element. In particular, the type with both horse and neck feathers of uniform gray color is the purest Wood. As for the legs, the breeder or bettor who likes par Moc should choose gray or blue legs. These are the compatible colors for the cocks of the Wood element to be strong and easy to win. Thus, according to rooster web color palette , the Wood element will have the representatives of gray, owl, banana gray, owl gray, gray cashew, blue cashew, and butterfly gray.

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The color of the chicken’s web belongs to the Fire par

We can easily observe and identify the fire rooster with dazzling plumage (red, orange, pink or yellow).aunt). In combat, however, the red-haired type is the most common. It again includes many varieties such as burgundy, crimson, red yellow.

Even, not only pure red cocks but those whose main color is red also belong to the Fire par. Therefore, according to rooster web color palette , this line includes typical representatives such as fire bananas, fire owls, cashews, bananas, and red bananas. These are all cocks with impressive fighting ability.

The color of the rooster’s network of destiny

All things and phenomena that are brown in color are attributed to the Earth destiny. With cocks, too, you can choose a bird that includes both feathers and legs of the Tho par or the Earth feathers combined with the legs of the compatible destiny such as Fire or Metal.

Furthermore, similar to Destiny,chicken Earth destiny is also very rarely used in professional combat. Therefore, rooster web color palette  Destiny is quite rare. It has only a few representatives belonging to the lineswhat turmeric,from yellow, burnt, burnt milk, golden cashew, golden owl….


Now you know rooster web color palette  What content is included? Please apply the information that the house 789BET shared above to choose the best and most suitable cock. In addition to choosing by network color, you must also base on the state of the chicken. Evaluate whether the cock is sharp, sharp, has a good shape, and has good scales.

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