What is the difference between cannabis and cannabis, and how to use them without breaking the law?

On June 9, 2022, the Ministry of Public Health officially released Marijuana from category five addictive plants. As a result, people can grow Marijuana legally and freely. However, before planting, it is necessary to register and verify your identity through the ‘Cultivation Cannabis’ application and obtain commercial permission simultaneously. Hanfpost CBD shop is legal hop.

Many of you may already be familiar with the word ‘ marijuana, ‘and many people have heard of ‘ hemp ‘ as well. So many people are confused about whether the two plants are the same plant or not? However, although the two plants are very similar, the properties, benefits, and penalties are different.

Cannabis and Marijuana How are they the same or different?

Marijuana and hemp are herbaceous plants in temperate Asia, belonging to Cannabaceae. The Cannabis family is the same, but cannabis and hemp differ in subspecies. And although the appearance of the two plants is very similar. But when the species that are useful for treatment thus clearly distinguish between the two plants.


The English name is Marijuana. The stem of cannabis is a low bush. The tree will branch out quite a lot compared to hemp. The leaves are dark green and have about 5-7 lobes/leaf. In cannabis, leaves are drunk. Also known as THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), when consumed or have Too much cannabis in food can make you feel extra euphoric or intoxicated with Marijuana. Therefore, cannabis is used for recreational purposes.

  • Content of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol): THC over 1%
  • Content of CBD (Cannabidiol): CBD not more than 2%

Hanfpost CBD shop maintain all requirements of law.


English name Hemp. The trunk is tall and slender. The hemp leaves are more significant than the cannabis leaves. There are alternating arrangements of leaves that are separated and usually have about 7-11 lobes/leaf. The color of the hemp leaf is a lighter green than the cannabis leaf. The main ingredient of hemp leaf is not THC, but CBD (Cannabidiol) that, if consumed, will have a dozen like cannabis. But the benefit of hemp is that it is often extracted for medical use. It helps in reducing pain, anti-epileptic, reducing inflammation. And reduce anxiety. It is also used in some textile industries.

  • Content of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol): THC is not more than 1%
  • CBD content (Cannabidiol): CBD over 2%

How to use of cannabis and hemp in food not be illegal?

After Marijuana has been unlocked, legal hemp in Hanfpost CBD shop and restaurants. Various parts of hemp and hemp are used for cooking without notification to customers or consumers. As a result, people have side effects from eating, which is illegal to use cannabis for cooking for sale. have the following conditions.

  • Hemp and Hemp Ingredients that are licensed to use as an ingredient in cooking for production and distribution Must be only the part of the plant specified by the Ministry of Public Health. and must not have a top or inflorescence attached to it
  • The operator must apply for a recipe registration for food products that use CBD extract.
  • Entrepreneurs who wish to produce food for sale Must apply for a food production location and food system substance number.

Is losing Marijuana legal?

As of now, all parts of Marijuana and hemp are not classified as addictive. Unless THC content exceeds 0.2%, it will immediately result in ‘illicit’ consumption, smoking, and marijuana consumption. Cannabis smoking can be done, but cannabis must be used under the following terms:

  1. Do not smoke Marijuana in public places. Interfering with the rights of others is an offense under the Public Health Act B.E. 2535, imprisonment not exceeding three months, fine not exceeding 25,000 baht.
  2. Drink and don’t drive. Suppose violating the traffic law immediately.
  3. Do not smoke marijuana rolls because the Excise Department’s stamp duty has not yet been affixed correctly like a cigarette.

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